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TSC is a young-minded IT Products and Services company that has produced Enterprise Application Design, Development and Implementation within the South African market. We specialise in software professional services.

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The technology stack for building software solutions is increasingly rich. With this richness comes capability as well as some complexity. TSC is a QSE Level 1 B-BBEE software development company that helps customers use the power of this stack to create business value in their organisations.

We develop Integration, Process Automation and Bespoke Solutions based on customer requirements, and offer advice on matters such as: Service-Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, and Java (J2EE) development.

We focus on building Architecturally sound solutions that use best-practice and appropriate standards.

We make use of Agile methodologies, but balance this with the need to fit in with our customers' methods, standards or guidelines.

We have extensive experience with various technology offerings in the Integration, Java development, Process Automation and SOA spaces, and recommend and sell these solutions to our customers when it makes business sense for them and also have significant experience in the selection and use of open source software.

In addition, our passion for local Skills Development is something from which our Clients have also benefitted.


Enterprise Middleware and Integration Solutions

TSC has been building integration solutions for customers since its inception. Replacing expensive point-to-point integrations with bus, publish-and-subscribe or other integration models often form a part of the solution. Using precisely modelled definitions of data elements and building solutions on industry standards also go a long way to ensuring effective solutions are implemented.

Business Process Modeling, Design and Automation

Process modelling, including related techniques and technologies are a key part in making SOA a reality for some companies. One of the main reasons for this is the separation of the business process from the underlying implementation. Accurate modeling of business processes combined with the appropriate tools to automate these models can significantly enhance the design and implementation of a part of your business. TSC has been using IBM's WebSphere Process Server to accomplish this for our clients for several years now. We are also following open-source initiatives in this area.


Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition(J2EE) Development

Using agile methodologies, we reduce customer risk with the use of repeatable patterns of development. We use aspects of Test-Driven Development and Continuous Integration to increase the quality of the code and measure progress closely as the project progresses. Our Java engineers are versed in a variety of recent and emerging frameworks and technologies.

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